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Easy and Simple tips to maintain your business accounting

Accounting is the most valuable way to display the financial health of the business. Whether you are running a small business or own a big band; it is always important to make efforts to keep track of profits, losses, and expenses.

Many business owners prefer to hire a team of experts to manage their financial health; however, the manual efforts often lead to some unavoidable errors. Moreover, when your business starts growing, it undergoes some complex scenarios with more customers, gigantic ledger records and huge operational budget. In this scenario, it is important to find an automated solution to manage your business account.

Although the market is loaded with plenty of software tools that can help you manage all the accounting details, it is always recommended to go ahead with the most reliable and trustworthy solution. One of the best solutions to handle all your accounting needs with higher security levels is myBooks by Zetran. This Simple Accounting Software tool is loaded with plenty of amazing features. With leading technology, you will find it safe and reliable to take your business on the path of growth.

Amazing features of myBooks accounting software:

myBooks is basically a cloud-based accounting solution that is designed to serve midsize and small businesses. It covers a wide range of audience including freelancers, entrepreneurs, small IT and financial companies, small business owners and solo accountants as well. myBooks Accounting Software has amazing accounting tools for the management of routine business expenses, invoices, bills, and many other financial transactions.

Here we have listed a few important features that rate it high among many other competitive business account management software in the market:

  • Simplified Process:

With traditional procedures, the accounting management can be a daunting task; especially for medium and small businesses that cannot hire a special team for financial health. Well, Easy Accounting Software gives them more peace of mind so that they can focus on other essential tasks of their business.

  • High-Grade Security:

This amazing financial book-keeping software tool provides enhanced security for all your accounts and financial transactions. You can rely on this tool as it makes accounting management safe at every level.

  • Multi-Currency Transactions:

Another amazing feature of myBooks is its ability to manage multi-currency transactions. It means you need not restrict your business to the specific demographic area; rather, you can scale it overseas without worrying about financial management.

  • Interactive Dashboard:

How can we forget to talk about the interactive dashboard? myBooks Accounting Software tool offers handy tools for analytics that can make your accounting much convenient and reliable. Moreover, these insights are easier to understand.

  • Easy Configuration and Setup:

There is no need to gain special skills to manage and use this software. It is designed for non-tech-savvy people. Anyone can configure and set up this software by following a few simple steps, and soon it will be ready to handle all your accounting requirements.

In short, these incredible features of myBooks can help you to manage your business accounting needs with ease. It is the right time to get this affordable and simple accounting software for small business to handle all your financial transactions online.

myBooks Online Accounting Software

Which is the Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses?

When running a small business, it is often challenging to manage expenses and maintain a financial book. That’s when you need the help of functional cloud-based accounting software to help you run your business smoothly from anywhere.

For small business owners, managing their firm’s accounting system and maintaining financial book is essential for keeping a check on the amount payable and receivable. But managing all the financial data manually is not possible. Therefore, you require myBooks, practical and highly-customizable accounting software to utilize your business’ day-to-day functions with ease.

Besides financial management, it even integrates a multitude of other applications and programs to run your business effortlessly. MyBooks by Zetran is designed to let users import and export their financial data from different applications and even track various business functions. All thanks to its integration capabilities, you can easily house all the crucial data in one accessible and user-friendly space.


myBooks has easy customization capabilities for enabling users to easily track down various business activities, as per their individual business requirements. A fashion store may have different software requirements than a shoe brand. Therefore, myBooks allows users to get their software custom-made to easily integrate automation and essential business-related features.

myBooks can even communicate with multiple online systems. So, there is every chance left for users to make any errors while entering data. This ultimately saves their time, as there is no need to re-enter data on multiple platforms.

Real-Time Reporting

myBooks is focused on offering real-time, comprehensive financial reporting. These financial reports allow users to see a big picture while analyzing a company’s monetary solutions. Being the best QuickBooks alternative, myBooks is highly advanced and also offers unconventional accounting in the form of “multidimensional” charts.

Ease of Use

With myBooks, everything becomes easily accessible, as it’s easy to use through its simple user-friendly dashboard. Its interface is very intuitive and even provides snapshots of different information, such as overdue invoices and income, as well as profits/losses. However, ease of use means it’s easy to screw up.

Using this software, you can even close the prior periods by entering a closing date. However, you can go back to enter the data even of those close periods if you know your closing password. This makes the auditing process simple, quick, and painless.


It is considered the best QuickBooks online alternative for a good reason, which is easy integration and automation. It allows you easy integration of various features by automating reporting, payments, reconciliation, and other processes for increasing efficiency.

Customer Service

myBooks provides 24/7 customer service and this is great for small business owners that work almost 24 hours per day. They easily get accounting software convenience with 24/7 availability.

Online Accounting Software Small Business Accounting

3 Important Features Your Accounting Software Must Have

Small businesses need efficient accounting software that is also easy on their pocket to make their business successful. However, choosing the right accounting software for small business is easier said than done. There are a lot of important features that a small business needs to check before installing accounting software. Thanks to the advancement of technology and security, small businesses can choose software that is safe and reliable. The best part is the accounting software also provides 24X7 support to the users. So, in this blog, we discuss the important features you need to check in accounting software.

1. Simplified Accounting

Whether you have a small or a multi-million business, accounting is a daunting task. This is the reason why you need to opt for accounting software that uses simplified methods. Accounting software provided by companies such as Zetran takes care of all the accounting needs of a small business in a simplified way for the convenience of the users.

2. 24X7 Support

This is another important factor that you need to consider when looking for accounting software. However, vendors such as Zetran provide 24/7 support to the users so that you don’t face any problems. Most of the vendors provide assistance to users through various modes such as email, phone, and online support. Make sure you also read the reviews about the experience of the users with customer support before making the final decision.

3. Enhanced Security

A business depends on accounting software for its existence. If the business data is lost or tampered with, a business will lose time, money and business secrets. The damage may be severe enough and lead to a severe loss. This is the reason why when selecting a vendor ensures that they provide you with complete information about the built-in security of the software and on-site safeguards such as network firewalls and anti-malware technology.

Though all accounting software may appear the same, there are certain core attributes that help in making your business a success. So, when looking for small business accounting software, make sure you check the features mentioned above before making the final decision.

myBooks Online Accounting Software Small Business Accounting

How to Choose the Right Accounting Software?

When it comes to choosing the right accounting software, there are a lot of things that you need to consider, especially when you have a small business. This is the reason why deciding on the right accounting software which is best for your business can be a difficult task. A small business needs to determine which online cloud accounting software works the best for them. So, in this blog, we discuss the best accounting software for your business.

Business Size

The accounting needs increase as your business expands. A generic business accounting software works well for a business that has sales of approximately $50,000 per year. However, the accounting software will not meet your needs if the business earns millions in a year. This is the reason why you need to invest in upgraded accounting software as your business expands.


Every industry, whether it is retail, professional services or manufacturing business, has unique accounting needs. This is the reason you need to opt for industry-specific accounting software so that it meets every niche. You can also opt for generic accounting software that works well for almost all the business. However, industry-specific accounting software has some special features that suit the specific needs of a business.


This is another important point to consider when looking for accounting software for business. Some businesses may need basic features in accounting software and have a simple book of account. However, if a business has complex needs for setting up a bookkeeping system, online banking interfaces or the credit card process, you need an accounting software that meets the complex needs of the business.


Lastly, you need to do a cost-based analysis before opting for accounting software. Make sure you choose software that meets your needs and don’t over or underpay for the same. Opting for the right software ensures that you save time and also minimize the common accounting errors.

Those were some of the accounting software features you can opt for your business. Considering the points above will ensure that you choose the right accounting software for your business without over or underpaying.

myBooks Online Accounting Software Small Business Accounting

Want to Run Your Business Entirely On a Cloud Infrastructure? Take a look

The easy availability of cloud-based software for small business proved to be a blessing for entrepreneurs looking to make it big in their venture in minimal time delay. Businesses these days can achieve the capabilities they lacked without investing extravagantly.

A cloud infrastructure has several utilities for a small business. Some of them are as follows:

Unlimited storage – one can use a cloud infrastructure to regularly backup and access their business data along with making the most out of easy sharing of files, resources, remote access and many more.

Regular backup – It is best to have a cloud based business since your resources and critical business data will be safe in case the physical infrastructure of your business crashes or the same is subjected to a cyber attack.

It can also be used for hosting – a cloud infrastructure helps a business to share information to its remote workforce, make the most out of a fast and secure email service, host applications so that is can be accessed by the workforce remotely.

Cloud infrastructure is often deemed as the most preferred business architecture due to the level of scalability it provides. That being said, let us take a look at some steps a business can take to run completely on cloud:

  • Get the necessary devices that are compatible with cloud computing.
  • Collaborate with necessary service providers and software companies for remote working like partnering up with companies that provides solutions for proprietary remote access to computers.
  • Get the right set of office tools that are at par with a business that runs on cloud infrastructure like Google Suite, Office 365 and the likes Partner up with performance tracking, expense tracking and benchmarking service providers for best results.


Cloud infrastructure is gaining grounds in terms of popularity among entrepreneurs for the right reasons. Apart from the low cost of running a cloud-based venture, a cloud infrastructure also provides unmatched security to the business, which is the most important aspect. When you partner up with the right vendor, and use the right infrastructure that suits your business needs, you can make the most out of identity verification and advanced levels of encryption.

Summary: Establishing a business is easy these days when compared to the days gone by. Back in the day, an office meant stacking it up with hardware and hiring PC-literate workforce – both are costly in the end. Today, cloud-based infrastructure is in vogue in the corporate sector, here’s why.

Online Accounting Software Quickbooks Alternatives

Top 4 Quickbooks Alternatives for 2018

QuickBooks has always been one of the most used accounting software. But, with the introduction of several other products similar to it, and that too at zero cost, many small and medium business owners are switching to Quickbooks alternative for managing their accounts. If you too are looking for an accounting software that’s close to Quickbooks then go through this post to find out the four best free quickbooks alternatives.

Zoho Books

The Zoho Books is one of the most widely used Quickbooks alternatives. The software is GST compliant and is a cloud based platform with an easy to navigate panel and user friendly dashboard. Some of the many accounting benefits it offers to the users include – invoice generation, bank reconciliation, report generation and GST filing.


Accounting has always been one of the most daunting tasks for small and medium business owners. But, not anymore with the introduction of myBooks, a product of From enterprise level data security to multi-currency transactions to automated invoices, the my Books accounting software is one of the best free Quickbooks alternatives.

HDPOS Billing Software

The HDPOS billing software is a popular accounting software used by many small and medium business owners. The software offers a full gamut of features that are helpful in fulfilling the day to day accounting needs of any business. It also offers several benefits to its users. For example – batch management, container management, barcode printing, access rights and many more. Before you buy the software, there is an option to download and run the free trial version to get an idea of how useful it is for your business.


Are you looking for an easy to use account billing software? If the answer is yes then Xero, a cloud-based accounting software with a user -friendly interface would be the best fit for you. The software not just helps turn complex data look simple and easy-to-understand, it also helps arrange that data into charts and templates. It’s one of the best free Quickbooks alternatives for small business owners and freelancers. Here are some of the benefits of Xero – anti-fraud control features, budget pricing, an easy-to-access dashboard, and features similar to that of Quickbooks.

Hope you found the post useful and will try one of the above mentioned free Quickbooks alternatives to see how beneficial they are for your business.