Moving from desktop accounting software to online accounting software

Moving from desktop accounting software to online accounting software

Moving from desktop accounting software to online accounting software


As a small business owner, you will no doubt need extra help with your business accounting. You can choose to use the desktop accounting software or the online accounting software.

Small business owners use desktop accounting software to manage the accounts of their businesses without the necessity of an internet connection. However, this means that, for you to access the software, you need to be seated in front of your computer and not any other device.

But recently, since our world is getting electronically advanced by the day, the online accounting software emerged.The online accounting software, also called the free online accounting software or business accounting software is a platform, with some similar functions as the desktop accounting software but which can be used anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an internet connection.

Perhaps this is enough reason for businesses to change the accounting software they use. Business owners ought to make the move from the desktop accounting software to online accounting software.


The only reason anyone would want to change the kind of accounting software they use is that of the advantages they stand to obtain.

In order to make you understand the ‘goodies’ of the free online accounting software, therefore, we have put together some ideas that show you why you should move from the desktop accounting software to the cloud computing software.

  1. Portability of the software

The online accounting software has the ability to execute its functions properly on multiple devices. This means you can operate the software with any device that has an internet connection. Thus, you can take it along with you anywhere at all. Now, isn’t that awesome? After you have subscribed to a suitable online accounting software like MyBooks, a QuickBooks alternative, you can carry your accounts with you as you move along in your day, unlike the desktop accounting software which requires you to stay glued to your desktop.

  1. Not necessarily need a Power supply to function

While the desktop accounting software requires a stable power supply, with the online accounting software, you only need to have a working battery either on your laptop, on your smartphone or on your tablet. This saves you the stress and the cost of setting up a stable power supply especially if you are in a region where this is a privilege.

  1. Enhances better collaboration with different partners

Multi-user access is available on the free online accounting software programs like MyBooks, a QuickBooks alternative. This means that data stored on the software can, with your authority, be reviewed by an internal team and also by external advisors such as an accountant or a tax specialist thereby improving collaboration with them.

  1. Enables optimal use of time

The ability to easily access financial data, even when traveling, allows you to work smarter and faster. Online accounting software offers a clear view of a company’s financial situation in real-time thereby enabling timely business decisions unlike what is obtainable with the desktop accounting software.

For instance, if a very urgent decision has to be made concerning the finances of the business but you, as the small business owner is in another state, online accounting software allows you to login to your portable device and affect the decision from where you are. This is not possible with the desktop accounting software where you probably have to run back to where your desktop is which may be too late already.

You would agree then that it is a rather preferable decision to move to use the online accounting software.

Moving from desktop accounting software to online accounting software


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