myBooks enables you to transact in more than in one currency. Base currencies is where all the transactions will be created and if you want to create transactions on other foreign currencies. You can add those currencies here and My Books automatically calculates the exchange rate. If you want to add the exchange rate manually it can also be added in myBooks.

Adding New Currency

To Add a New currency, follow these steps.

  1. Click on setting, finance and then Currencies
  2. Select Add New Currency located top right hand corner
  3. Choose the currency from the dropdown
  4. Press Save to add currency

Adding Exchange Rate Manually

myBooks automatically calculates exchange rates. If you want to add the exchange rate manually. Please follow below mentioned steps.

Dates for which Manual Exchange rate entered only for those date manual exchange will be calculated and after that myBooks will calculated exchange rate based on the market price.

  1. Click on setting, finance and then Currencies.
  2. Press Maintain FX rate located below options in currencies.
  3. A window will open and enter date in from and to field.
  4. Enter exchange rate in Rate field.
  5. Press save to save.