Customer Balance

This report shows records of Customer balance and it includes items for which payment not made. This report also shows Invoice balance, Available balance, Balance (FCY) and Balance (BCY). This report will be helpful in identifying your customers’ outstanding balances.

This report can created in three different sections they are Current, Previous and Custom. In current, reports can be created by using Today, Current Month, Current Year, Current Quarter and Previous, reports can be created by using Yesterday, Previous month, Previous Year, Previous Quarter. Using Custom to create the report for a specific dates, a month or even a year.

Steps to create the report

  1. Go to reports
  2. Click on Customer Balance mentioned in Management reports
  3. Click on date range choose from the dropdown menu
  4. If the you want to create the report for one particular customer
  5. Click on customer field and choose from the dropdown menu
  6. Click on generate Report to generate report
  7. Click on open to open as PDF.
  8. You can download by pressing on download icon
  9. You can edit the headers to your need
  10. See screenshot attached bill report with data