Adding Users

Click on settings and select user. Click on the Add New User button provided on the top right hand side of the Users page. Enter Email address and Name of the user. Choose a role and Click send button to send email invitation.

Primary Admin

Is the person who will have complete access in myBooks which includes to run reports, add/delete users, Create invoice, Bills etc.

Deleting users

Click on setting and then select users. Users which have been added should reflect there. Click on delete button provided on right-hand side under options. A pop-up window will appear to confirm if you wish to delete. Click yes to confirm.

Selecting User Role

When adding a new user, you will be asked to select a role for the new user. The choices are; ADMIN, STAFF, ACCOUNTANT. Existing users can change their role by clicking on the edit button provided on the right-hand side under options.

Role ID Purpose
ADMIN Super User - Access to all functions in an organization
STAFF Access is restricted to Reports and Organizational settings only
ACCOUNTANT Access is restricted to Reports only