myBooks allows you to keep a list of your business contacts within the program. Contacts in myBooks are in two segments and those are New Contact and Contact List.

New Contact

Here you can add another contact here and categorize the added contact as a customer or a vendor. Details of adding a contact in myBooks are four segments. Those are General Details, Contact Details, Billing Address Details and Shipping Address Details.

General Details

  1. Select appropriate salutation from the dropdown menu
  2. Enter first name and last name of the contact
  3. Enter Company
  4. Enter Display name
  5. Add currency to the contact
  6. Term is a fixed or limited period for which something for example amount of time given to customer to pay. Add term suitable to contact from pre-added list or to add a new term. Click on Add New Term. A new window will open.
  7. Enter term name
  8. Enter term days
  9. Press save to continue