Credit Notes

Credit note is the amount that the seller owes the buyer and it is sent from the seller to the buyer indicating the buyer that credit exists in his name and it is issued in the buyers name to track until the credit is fully paid off.

New Credit Note

Details which can be enter in New Credit note are in three segments. Those are customer, Credit and items.


  1. Go to Sales
  2. Click on Credit Note
  3. Then click on New Credit Note
  4. Click on customer field
  5. Select the customer from the dropdown menu


  1. Enter Credit note number
  2. Enter date by selecting from the calendar
  3. Give the reference
  4. You can upload documents by clicking upload filed

Line Items

  1. Select the item from the dropdown menu
  2. Once the item is updated, description, Quantity, and rate will get updated automatically
  3. Account will not be updated. Need to select the account from the dropdown menu.
  4. If tax was updated when item was created, Tax field will get updated automatically
  5. If not tax needs to updated manually
  6. You can change the description, quantity and rate if needed
  7. Update the tax if tax was not updated automatically
  8. If quantity or rate was changed amount should also change
  1. Enter additional notes and terms if needed
  2. Want to give discount you can enter it in the discount field as in percentage
  3. Need to enter shipping charges you can enter that as in amount in shipping charges field
  4. You can save the Credit note by clicking save as draft
  5. You can send the Credit note by clicking save and send
  6. Email window should open
  7. Verify all the info in email window
  8. Attach documents if needed
  9. You can cancel the mail by pressing back
  10. Or you send the email by clicking send option