Expense occurs is the cost that every companies will bear and it is part of companies operating activities. For example a retailer will incur electricity charges, salaries, rent for retail space and for contractor will incur fuel expenses, salaries etc.

New Expense

Details which can be entered in New Expense are in three segments. Those are General Details, Customer & Vendor details, Expense details.

General Details

  1. Go to Purchases
  2. Then click Expense and then New Expense
  3. Enter date by selecting from the calendar
  4. Select the account from the dropdown menu
  5. Choose the account from the drop down menu

Customer and vendor details

Here both customer and vendor fields will be available. If the expense is related to customer choose the customer name from the customer field or the if the expense is related to vendor choose the vendor name from vendor field.

  1. Select the vendor from the dropdown menu
  2. Select the customer from the dropdown menu

Expense Details

  1. Enter the amount in the amount filed
  2. Select the tax type whether as inclusive or exclusive type
  3. If exclusive tax type was chosen the filed should appear like it’s shown in above screen shot
  4. Enter the reference number
  5. You can upload documents by clicking attach receipt
  6. Click save to save the expense