Never miss a beat on your business activities

Running a business or working the business management is no easy feat, we get it. In addition to that, staying on top of the all business related activities, deadlines, compliance can be soul crushing. Once it happened to us even, there was new form announced by the compliance authority to file by a certain date, We were so busy to notice it,  due date passed and we were late, let’s say very late to file it. We were slapped with a huge fine for the late payment. Very frustrating experience, not a good thing to happen to any business. At myBooks we wanted to alleviate some of this pain point. We understand what a regular small business owner goes through to make it, these kind of additional d

To address this myBooks has created a simple business checklist functionality. You can keep your important deadlines, recurring activities like compliance due dates, recurring activities so that you can keep track of all your business activities in 1 place. Please don’t mistake this to be a To Do list, This is not a to do list inside your accounting software. It is much more than that specifically designed for Business owners. It is well integrated with your business activities, so it will be much more specific and relevant to your business needs. Further we have plans to push compliance deadlines based on your geographical region to your accounts, you will have an option to either subscribe to these reminders or just leave them if you are already on top of it. Further our data analytical functions will routinely check your data, to identify any pending action items which may need your attention.

Feature available soon.

Suppose you have a workflow of activities at the month end to close the books like upload expense receipts, running payroll, balance the bank statements, run month end reports. All these activities can be managed by creating a recurrent action items and managed effectively using in myBooks. You can further delegate these activities to your employees. Further if there is a payment you are supposed to make it the vendor on date, any overdue on that may attract late payment interest fees, myBooks can automatically remind on the outstanding vendor payment. Further it can also send automatic reminders to your customers in case any payment you are supposed to receive are overdue.

These action items are shown in the dashboard of myBooks, so it cannot be missed again what good to record this action items if it is not in your sight, it will be easy to forget it. Also if you are using myBooks mobile app for iOS or Android, You can receive notifications on the mobile app, So it will not be missed even if you are not at your desk. We hope this will help business owners to stay on top of time critical business activities and alleviate some of the operational management pains. We are open to feedback and suggestions, if you can think any other functionalities around these, please drop us a mail