Major Differences Between ERP and Accounting Software

Today, with the help of professional cloud computing firms, such as Zetran, you can make use of customized accounting software and ERP software to manage your financial transactions and ensure stress-free bookkeeping.

But you need to understand that both are different from one another. Let’s find out the three major differences between accounting software and ERP:

1. While the best free accounting software manages company’s accounts or how your money moves,
ERP is a module of accounting software that helps you to track your inventory management, tangible and intangible assets, invoicing, order fulfillment, job costing, etc. In accounting, you deal with the general ledger, account receivable and payable, payroll, expenses, and more. But enterprise resource planner (ERP) helps in managing issues that are not addressed in accounting.

2. With the help of Zetran,
you can get the best online accounting software to start your business processing journey. From managing accounting data to getting the invoice, they guide you through every aspect of the accounting software. They also guide you with ERP tool for helping you stay in contact with the website viewers, even before they become your actual customers. The ease of seeing the activity timeline in your ERP’s CRM module enables you to access most of your contact information. Moreover, you can see the marketing campaign, as well as relevant insights required for the business growth and to draw more customers to your website by writing and tracking emails.

3. The accounting software has restricted or basic inventory tracking,
along with the web-based add-ons. On the other hand, the ERP system is flexible enough to set the users free from the shackles in accounting software. It also enables you to increase the accuracy and customer services of your business. Meanwhile, ERP helps you in reducing the stock carrying costs, inventory write-offs, and labor costs. In addition, the ERP’s inventory management module helps you in making faster and accurate decisions that are critical in today’s complex international inventory environments.

While both are important for your business in their own unique ways, the ERP is more flexible compared to the accounting software and lets you manage different tasks more conveniently. However, you can ask Zetran experts to form a combination of both to offer you the best of both software solutions.

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