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myBooks Features

With leading technology and security,myBooks
is always safe and reliable.

Accounting Simplified
Simple Financial Planning

Get a glimpse of your future profits and cashflow with simplified screens designed for non-financial business owners.

Enterprise Level Data Security
Comprehensive Reports

Choose from out-of-box reports of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow or build your own reports with a simple interface.

Auto Bank Feeds
Variance Analysis

See where you are deviating, run Actual vs Budget or Plan reports to identify deviations from your financial plan.

Multi-currency Transactions
Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your existing accounting software with a simple file interface. Autmatic integrations coming soon.

Invoicing Simplified
Online Cloud Software

Forget about backups or spreadsheets. Access myPlan from anywhere in the world with a simple web or mobile browser.

Affordable Pricing
Bank grade security

Your data is safe with encryption on flight and on rest. Highly safe access controls in place to safeguard your data.

Benefits For Businesses

Accounting Software for
Small Businesses

myBooks accounting software is the best accounting solution for entrepreneurs, accountants, small IT and financial companies and freelancers.

myBooks is the best response to all loopholes inherent in the conventional accounting style. Put to the past the information gaps, inaccuracies, agonizing lead times and overheads associated with conventional accountancy.

With myBooks, the best online accounting software for small business, open up to simple, quick and accurate ways of handling invoices, expenses, bills and other financial transactions.

myBooks gives meaning to the numbers that haunted you previously, helping you discover new growth avenues, optimize resources and identify and plug loopholes. myBooks can apparently be the missing link in your “rags to riches” story.

Growth of Business

Cloud computing and accounting software are the most likely companions. When paired, they give you a better capacity, higher speed, wider accessibility, ease of operations and considerable savings.

As a cloud-based accounting software for small business, myBooks helps keep your key people up to date on your organization’s financial status in real time from the place and time of your preference.

You can expect accounting capabilities directly from your web browser and ward off troubles and expenses involved in installing it on individual computers. The software and data are updated to meet your needs and dynamic GST guidelines.

Growth of Business

The convenience factor is central to myBooks, featuring an analytics dashboard that allows easy monitoring of all accounting indicators earnings, expenses, tax summaries and more.

The dashboard is convenient to operate, cross-OS compatible and easy to understand, giving you a swift and efficient user experience across all devices.

The reconciliation feature is also there to enable you to stay on top of bank transactions and cash summaries in real time.

Growth of Business

We incentivize your transition from conventional accountancy to an automated cloud business accounting with three software variants and competitive pricing across the board.

A free software option is valid for 30 days under the free trial offer. When you buy accounting software online, we keep your data anonymous to external threats with enterprise-grade security embedded at every level.

Only those authorized by you can access the data conveniently while it will be off-limit for the rest. The software is easy to use and deploy and if problems surface, which however is a rare case, we are there for help 24/7.

Growth of Business