Business budget samples, examples, and templates

Business budget samples, examples, and templates

Business budget samples, examples, and templates

Having a budget that sincerely secures all your needs throughout the month in an excellent idea but creating one for your business qualifies as indispensable. Instead of rushing with the procedure, take your time with the budget so that you can readily control the costs, steer away from overspending and achieve the financial goals that you have been looking forward to. There are several ways of approaching the task but, referring to business budget samples and using budgeting worksheets that would eventually furnish you with enough clarity is the ideal way of complying with its requirements.

The requisites of the budget

According to business analysts, there are a few things that a business budget must contain under all circumstances and in the following section, we will be jotting them down.

  • Estimated sales, revenue, and profit.
  • Fixed costs including loan payments, rent, electricity bills, business license expenses and the like that must be cleared off regardless of your income.
  • Variable costs- the ones which depend on your sales namely cost of raw materials, production, labor charge (if they work overtime) and several others.
  • Semi-variable costs- these are the expenses that partially depend on the trades and can be adjusted if the sales are not at par with the expectations.
  • Projected profits

Basic budget

For you are comparatively new in this realm and do not want to go wrong the whole setting, then starting with a basic business budget examples containing strategic templates would be the right choice. Move on the more detailed and complicated examples once your revenue starts multiplying and your business grows in size. Till then, a basic budget plan will take care of all your needs. In this, the income and expenditure are isolated from one another to deliver a firmer comprehension of the funds that are being drawn and spent.

  Labor wages Materials Fixed costs Variable costs Budget Actual Difference
January $100 $100 $100 $100 $600 $400 $200
February $120
March $90
Total of Q1 $310

Department budget

The thing with a department budget is that you will be able to transparently draw out the income and expenses of your company as per its different divisions and therefore, efficiently calculate the percentage change across the years. Furthermore, you will easily get hold of the numbers right when you need them and weigh the configurations of the departments against each other to identify the shortages and surpluses.

Income Budget2018 Budget2019 Budget2020 Budget2021 Budget2022
Salary/Wages $100        
Pension $87      
Business $264 56    
Dividend $37 32 91  
Total $- $- $- $- $-
Administrative $100        
Marketing $87      
Public Relations $64 56    
Development $37 32 91  
Total $- $- $- $- $-

12-month business budget

Lets say you are trying to settle for something that is more detailed and neatly laid out, then the 12-month business budget template is your ultimate answer.Then all you have to do is enter the details of your revenue and income estimations for each month of the year and then check if the real figures are at par with your appraisals.Next you can create two of the following tables if needed to separate out the income and expenses to gain a clearer perspective.

Profit and loss category January February March Total of Q1 April May June Total of Q2 July
Sales and marketing costs $100 $70 $80 $250
Revenue $90 $80 $70 $240
Labor costs $80 $100 $90 $270
Admin and general $70 $60 $100 $230

Business budget samples, examples, and templates

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