How to use whatsapp to grow your business

How to use whatsapp to grow your business

How to use whatsapp to grow your business

How to Use WhatsApp to grow your business

Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps in the world today. The app is not just globally famous, it is the most used cross-platform messaging app with over 1.5 billion active users. The app processes about 60 billion messages on a daily basis and this makes it a simple platform for anyone to exploit in taking their business to the next level. In India, Whatsapp has overtaken Facebook as the most widely used app and even unskilled and uneducated people like maids and peasants now use the app. It has conveniently replaced the conventional SMS methods and a lot of businesses are now turning their attention to how the app can be used for their profit.

Whatsapp launched its business focus app in January 2018 and it is available for download on Google play store. They announced that the aim of the app was to provide a platform for small business owners to excel in their business. The business version of Whatsapp is similar to the original version save some little features and modifications that allows business owners relate better with their customers.

How do you use Whatsapp to grow your small business?

Customer support

One of the most useful features of the new Whatsapp business is that it allows you interact better with your customers. Running a small business requires absolute attention to consumer queries and feedbacks and Whatsapp business provides for a more efficient relationship. Customers often prefer sending a message to calling your customer service or visiting to express their concerns as well as interests. The Whatsapp business app allows you manage your customer base better by offering a range of one-on-one support through messages, videos, photos, voice notes as well as other useful attachments.

Marketing and Promotion

Every business whether start-up or Multinational Corporation still depends on marketing and promotions to stay afloat. Whatsapp business is a very effective tool for marketing and promoting your brand because of its simplicity and flexibility. Many people consider the app as the new SMS and this makes it a smooth way of pitching your products right in front of your buyers. It can be used to send timely and periodic updates on a new products as well as improvements on existing ones to current and prospective clients. The broadcast service allows for a wider coverage. You can send messages to a lot of people at once. The maximum number of recipients per broadcast is currently pegged at 256 but subsequent updates will surely increase the number.

Effective team communication

The great thing about the Whatsapp business is that almost everyone uses it and it requires no special training or skill. The implication of this is that while some internal means of communication may be difficult to grasp by your business team, Whatsapp business is easily relatable. It’s also efficient because you barely need to prompt anyone to check it as most of your team members are mostly glued to it. You can create a group that includes everyone and tasks as well as schedules can by assigned and expediently executed.

Businesses should learn to focus on the major crux of any business which is marketing and promotion. This is achievable by the Whatsapp business app.

How to use whatsapp to grow your business

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