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Say good bye to keeping financial planning in spreadsheets or your head. Welcome to myplan - the best financial forecasting software. Create a budget for your small business with our myPlan and myBooks app!

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Ready to unlock full potential by transforming your business for the digital era?
Learn how myBooks can simplify your accounting needs, without a learning curve.​


myPlan - The Simple Financial Planning

Get a glimpse of your future profits and cashflow with .simplified screens. designed for non-financial business owners

myPlan for Comprehensive Reports

Choose from out-of-box reports of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow or build your own reports with a .simple interface.

Variance Analysis

See where you are deviating, run Actual vs Budget or Plan reports to .identify deviations. from your financial plan

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your existing accounting software with a .simple file interface.. myPlan Automatic integrations coming soon

Online Cloud Software

Forget about backups or spreadsheets. Access myPlan from .anywhere in the world. with a simple web or mobile browser

Bank grade security

Your data is safe with .encryption on flight. and on rest. Highly safe access controls in place to safeguard your data

More to Know

Cash flow control

Lack of cash is one of the primary reasons for business failure. Business who cannot predict their cash flow will go into debt and reduce the return greatly. myPlan lets you predict an accurate cash flow based on your revenue and expenses. You can also perform an what if analysis on your cash flow for large business expense and avoid negative cash balance.

Business Profitability

One of the primary factors of successful business is profitability. Businesses who can constantly improve their profits will grow to big league. myPlan lets you predict your profits beforehand, with this foresight, you can adjust your expenses and find new revenue opportunities and in turn improve your profitability. You don’t have to wonder what happened at the end of the financial year, You can predict the future and adjust accordingly with our myPlan app.

Business Planning Simplified

Most business owners cannot afford for detailed financial planning because of time and resources involved, myPlan lets you automate most of your business planning functions, and puts you in control for making adjustments to your plan and gather important insights. Armed with this critical insights you make informed decisions on your business.

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