Top 10 small business investment sites for your small business


It’s entirely possible and somewhat common to have a great business idea and no funds. It’s also possible to have your business up and running and lack funds to keep it that way. Anyone can get strapped for cash and any business can too. Aside that, no one hates some extra money. If you want to get some extra funding for your small business, you might want to look at our lists of sites that can come to your aid and very quickly too.


There are a lot of ways to get funding for your business which includes bootstrapping, asking from friends and family, taking loans, seeking external funding like venture capitalists in very dire cases, grants and so on.

All of the websites that come within our top ten suggestions fall into one or more of these categories.


Here is our very concise list of where you can quickly get funding for your small business on the Internet; although these places have physical locations of course.

  1. Accion

Accion is a nonprofit organization providing small business loans to entrepreneurs. It also affords such entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with business experts and to access resources that are valuable for their small business’ growth.

  1. Kiva

Kiva is an online loan platform that cuts across eighty countries. It targets low income entrepreneurs and can quickly offer you the funds you need to boost your business.

  1. IndieGoGo

This is a crowdfunding website that allows small business owners to solicit the funds they need to launch their businesses. It was founded in 2008 and has since gone on to be incredibly supportive platform for business owners.

  1. Kickstarter

This is also a crowdfunding website with headquarters in Brooklyn. It is focused on businesses based on creativity and merchandising. Kickstarter has at the heart of its mission to “help bring creative projects to life”.

  1. AngelList

This is a website dedicated to startups and which brings business owners and investors to one place. The site makes the process of fund raising a lot less challenging for entrepreneurs and it is estimated that over 1,000 startups have been able to get funding on this site.

  1. gov

If you are looking to take a government grant for your small business, this is the first place you ought to visit. This website contains a database of a huge number of grants available to small businesses. It also has filters to help make your search easy.

  1. gov Grants

This was formerly called the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. Some of the grants available here overlap with those on but it is still a great place to find funding options for your business.

  1. gov

This is more like a website that allows you to showcase your expertise in order to access funds in form of a prize. What you have to do is to solve challenges in your industry although most of the industries featured are technology inclined. You can still search quickly to see if your industry fits into one of those eligible.

  1. com

This site gives out loans periodically and also runs contests that give out grants to the qualifying small businesses. The basic criteria are the passion of the business owner and the kind of value that the business engenders for its immediate community.

  1. AT&T Aspire

AT&T offers grants through its Aspire program to small businesses that are education oriented. Applications are however accepted periodically and you have to constantly check to know when the next round of applications will begin.

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